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Welcome To My World

As I write this on day 37 of self-quarantine, it is a stark reminder of my weeks of chemotherapy. The isolation of chemo side effects and of COVID-19 are strikingly similar. While undergoing chemotherapy treatments, my body was weakened and tired. I had little energy to be out and about. So I spent many hours and many days at home. Often, doing one daily chore was all I could manage. While with COVID-19, the restrictions are imposed by others, the end result is much the same – many days spent at home – although with more energy. Even so, I often manage only one chore a day because there’s always tomorrow – right??? In some ways, my experience with chemo treatments has helped to prepare me for the current quarantine. In both situations, it is important to get up and get dressed every day. It is also important to maintain healthy eating habits – a challenge for chemo patients due to nausea and changes in taste – a challenge during COVID-19 due to boredom or stress. It is important to find a way to power through the feelings of frustration. One must find something positive to focus on. There are endless possibilities – read a book, listen to music, take up a craft, put together a puzzle, clean out a closet, complete an unfinished project or take a walk if weather permits. I find it helpful to maintain a daily journal. While I would certainly not choose to be in quarantine, I am finding ways to enjoy the time I have to relax and complete some long-standing projects. I hope to have this year’s Christmas cards made by July. While unable to be with family and friends, you can find ways to stay connected – a phone call, a text, a written note, a virtual get together, Skype or Facetime. With all that being said, I suppose I should get out of my pj’s, get dressed, fix my VERY LONG hair and figure out what I’ll do today! To all – Stay safe, stay inside, and stay positive!

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