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The Pandemic Pause

I am writing this on day 317 of our self imposed isolation. It’s been almost a year! … no hugging, no card parties, no traveling, no meetings, no dining out, no family visits. The pandemic continues to keep in-person contacts at a minimum. But, yes, we have done a lot of reading.

Fortunately, we enjoy our home, since it’s where we spend most of our time. We do go for an occasional walk, but we don’t enjoy the cold. The highlights of our weeks include doctor appointments, grocery shopping, the library, and an infrequent trip to the drug store or the post office.

Our days are quiet as were our holidays. We did have a FaceTime chat with our children and grandchildren on Christmas. And we did treat ourselves to a special home-cooked meal. We did stay up until midnight on New Year’s eve, mostly to be sure that we left 2020 behind. We had high hopes for 2021, but they haven’t yet materialized.


Alas, our daily routine continues to be much the same as it was in 2020. We are finally registered to receive the vaccine – on March 25. Despite my numerous visits to the designated web site and the promise of a phone call when more vaccine was available, it never happened. The protocols for who was next eligible for the vaccine and the process to sign up both changed with little or no notice. We are among the last of our friends to be scheduled. Many of those we know will have received their second dose before we receive our first despite our ages and underlying health conditions.


Our daughter had planned to visit last April, but her trip was delayed due to the pandemic. She planned to reschedule her visit for this month (January), but has now decided to wait until after we receive our vaccine.


I do realize that my story is no different from many others. However, knowing that does little to minimize my frustration with my current circumstances, which are exacerbated by my stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I must remind myself to be thankful for the positive things in my life – a loving husband and family, caring friends and neighbors, a beautiful home, a full pantry, more opportunities to hone my culinary skills, lots of time to read, and plenty of time to start making my Christmas cards for 2021.

I must remind myself to remain positive as we all work together to return to some semblance of normalcy. So for now, I will look forward to seeing my family, being able to visit with friends, being able to travel, even as--


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