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Living With Cancer

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

How does one live with cancer?

I am writing from the perspective of someone who has been diagnosed

with breast cancer three times beginning in 2001. Each diagnosis has

been more serious, despite adhering to the prescribed treatments and


My current diagnosis is stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which has

spread to my bones. According to my oncologist, my condition is

treatable but not curable.

My treatment protocols include a prescribed estrogen blocker (Ibrance)

and two different monthly injections (Faslodex and Xgeva).

When I was first diagnosed, I did briefly experience the “why me” phase,

but quickly realized it would serve no purpose to dwell on that aspect of

my situation. As of now, I feel good and am able to lead an active lifestyle.

I have come to realize that my condition is really no different from that

of someone diagnosed with other illnesses such as congestive heart

failure or diabetes, which are also treatable but not curable.

One of the key truisms I have learned through my experiences is that it

is extremely important to maintain a positive attitude.

So, how do I live with cancer? One day at a time.

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