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Finding the Balance

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Living with metastatic breast cancer presents many challenges, both physical and emotional. These challenges occur regularly, as my blood counts continue to fluctuate. My treatment regimen changes according to those numbers.

I am currently on the lowest dosage of my prescribed oral medication and on a revised schedule. I will know more about the efficacy of that plan when I see the oncologist in about 10 days.

Ironically – and thankfully – I feel fine physically, even when my blood counts are low. I sometimes have to remind myself that I do have stage 4 cancer. Conversely, every minor ache or pain gives me pause and causes some anxiety.

I am constantly trying to find a balance between accepting the reality of my condition and continuing to remain active and optimistic. I try to focus on the positive…I feel good, I’m able to lead an active lifestyle, the medicine has so far been effective, I am not experiencing any serious side effects.

While I do not know what the future holds, I realize that I am no different from anyone else in that respect. I can choose to stay home and worry about my situation or I can choose to live my life on my terms, one day at a time.

Overall, I am reminded about what matters most in life – spending time with family and friends, being there for others, living an active lifestyle, embracing the future and looking forward to new experiences.

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