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Are We There Yet?

Finally, it feels like life is slowly approaching a sort of normalcy. What does that mean, especially for those of us with compromised immune systems and with new variants of the virus emerging?

Is it safe to

- get together with family and friends?

- go out to eat

- go out without our masks?

- attend events at indoor venues?

There doesn’t seem to be a universal answer to any of these questions. Acccording to the CDC guidelines, if we have been vaccinated the short answer was YES for most of us. Since I started writing this blog, the answer has now changed due to the emergence of the Delta strain of the virus. The CDC is once again recommending the wearing of masks in

situations previously considered “safe”.

Psychologically, this circumstance continues to be problematic. I continue to be uncomfortable around large groups of people. I still wear a mask when doing my grocery shopping. I have started going out to eat with my husband or with another couple or with a couple of friends.

I have returned to my weekly card game. We have started to entertain

friends at home.

My husband and I do plan to travel to the west coast this month for a family reunion, our first is almost two years. I remain a tad uncomfortable about it, but I will be wearing a mask and taking our own food for the plane. To me the inconvenience is worth it to be able to see

my children and grandchildren.

For now, I will continue to avoid large gatherings. I will continue to

wash and sanitize my hands frequently.

I’m hoping that by September, I will be more comfortable in a greater number of social situations. I have scheduled a return to in-person support group meetings. I plan to return to the gym. I have scheduled our card group to return to a more public venue. I truly hope that by then, the answer to ARE WE THERE YET? will be a definite YES for all of us.

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