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A Surreal Experience

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Recently (Tuesday, April 7) I had my first foray into the real world for the first time in 24 days.  It was a highly anticipated event causing both excitement at going somewhere and apprehension and anxiety about being there.  I had my monthly appointment with the oncologist.

Our drive to the doctor’s office was uneventful.  We saw very light traffic.  My husband remarked that it looked like a Sunday morning in the middle of winter.

Upon our arrival, we encountered a nurse in the lobby.  She immediately took my temperature, gave me a mask to wear, and a dose of hand sanitizer.  She informed my husband that only patients were permitted in the doctor’s office.

During my time in the waiting area, there were only 3-4 other patients at any given time. And we all seated ourselves away from one another. We all wore masks, as did the medical and clerical staff.  It was eerily quiet in a good way.  I heard not one cough or sneeze while I was there.

My appointment went well.  The doctor was pleased with my blood counts.  While my blood pressure was a bit on the high side, I’m sure it came down as soon as I left the office.

While I enjoyed getting out and am glad I was able to get my monthly injections, I was happy to be back in the safety of my own home.

None of us knows how long this “new normal” will last, but it is important that we all take the recommended precautions for our own well being, as well as the safety of those around us.  Let’s all look forward to celebrating together – whenever that might be!

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