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A Discordant Response

I continue to be pleased with my current treatments for metastatic breast cancer.

My blood counts are okay and my scans show no spread of the cancer. That being

said, I realize that my immune system is compromised and will remain so.

I wear a mask and observe recommended social distancing when out in public. I

limit my outings to the grocery store, drug store, and medical appointments.

However, I am dismayed and frustrated by our country’s response to the pandemic. And at

times, I am angry – at our political leaders as well as at people in general.

Living close to Myrtle Beach, SC, I understand the importance of restarting the

economy and getting people back to work. However, I am amazed and appalled at

the absence of a coordinated plan to mitigate the spread of the virus. Some states

have opened up; some have not. Now some of those states are rolling back their

openings, mainly because too many people do not take the situation seriously.

Our national and state leaders disagree on proper protocols.

Governors and mayors are at odds. We have become more and more reactive,

rather than proactive in our prescribed measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

People refuse to wear masks. People have been harassed or, worse, shot for doing

their job of asking store patrons to wear a mask. Politicians ignore or contradict the

advice of medical professionals.

I am angry at the selfishness displayed on a daily basis. I would love to go without

wearing a mask. I haven’t. I would love to get together with my family. I haven’t. I

would love to visit with my friends. I haven’t.

Maybe if we all worked together for our mutual benefit, we could make a difference

and defeat this pandemic. I will continue to wear a mask and practice social

distancing. I can only hope others will do the same.

Now, let me go wash my hands.

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